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From guest blogger Deepika Phoha
For the farmers. For the trekkers. For the bibliophiles. For the diehard romantics – monsoon season brings with it a charm that’s unmatched. How can our movies be any different! A typical bollywood flick is incomplete without its quintessential ‘dancing-in-the-rain’ song! Irrespective of the genre, the rains always have a role to play! Whether it is to make a fight scene more dramatic, to add oomph to a blink-n-you-miss kind of movie, or to create the Charlie Chaplin ambience for an emotional scene – “I cry in the rain, so no one can see my tears”….yeah you get the drift!
My all time favorite rain song, hands down, is “Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si”. The mischievious Kishore Kumar, the innocent Madhubala, the love that’s unfolding, heightened by the downpour..sigh! The song would not have been half as beautiful, if it wasn’t for the rain! Try imagining the song without the rain – a creep of a petrol pump worker, a damsel in distress, and a car that refuses to start – sounds more like the start of a thriller than the intended romance! Dint I tell you, rains + bollywood = magic! And guess what? The movie is available to watch online on iTunes.

Chalti Ka Naam Gaddi

“Naa jaane kahan se aayi hai’ – I confess! I have danced on this song, a bajillion times, in the rain, aping Sridevi’s cult steps (But that’s also cuz no one can copy Sunny paaji’s style).  The typical “as-pretentious-as-it-gets” 90’s set, the neon lit streets, the 100 men who are just around, ready to dance mind you in a synchornised manner led by a not so synchronized Sunny Deol – Sridevi’s effervescent persona – the transparent raincoat (not sure what help it was) and the barsaat! Oh man! This song makes me want to groove like right about now! Don’t write it off till you’ve tried it! Rain – steps – songs… are set for some epic fun! (Click here to know more about the movie)
listing image%201 - MAGIC OF THE MANIC MONSOONS

Not sure why this song starts with mentioning animal anatomies, but then it is Bollywood, and one thing we have learnt – we don’t ask why! “Chak dhoom dhoom…chakk dhoom dhoom”……..a song from Dil toh Pagal Hai….a movie which had a double whammy on being friend-zoned, but yes, it did rock the box office and how! With the names like SRK, Madhuri, Karisma and Akshay Kumar, one really couldn’t go wrong. The thing about this song is, it starts outside the hospital, group of kids who are amazing dancers are just, well, there (flash mob of the 90’s maybe), and our dancing stars – all of this laced with the downpour of the season – we have a winner!! (Click here to know more about the movie)
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Dil To Paagal Hain

I will probably be judged if I end my list without including this song – tip tip barsa paani! Yes yes, I can see you guys go all heart eyed remembering the yellow silk sari, the writhing Raveena, and the rains effect on her! This song can without doubt win the award for “random-but-making-absolute-sense”! Such visuals. Much feels. Very amaze. More details here.

The season might be coming to an end, but the skies will be redolent with its magic for a long long time. The magic which lends an almost visceral feel! The season might be ephemeral, but its effect, lasts long! So the next time petrichor beckons you – put on some music and dance like nobody’s watching! And remember to go – chakk dhoom dhoom…chakk dhoom dhoom!
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